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 Abigail Leach Ceramics

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All about 2022!

So, here we are in 2022........ Lockdowns, restrictions, loss of all sources of income & no governmental support have all taken their toll on this self-employed artist. Its likely we face more uncertainty but I remain optimistic & with this in mind I have made changes to how I run my business to be kinder to myself.


2022 is also a significant year for me as I am a 1972 baby and I will celebrate my 50th birthday this year! I fully intend to embrace my 50's & I'm really looking forward to celebrating with family and close friends and making time to do some fun and exciting things throughout this year. (Covid can get stuffed!)


I am teaching more than ever, which is genuinely joyful & my students work fills me with pride, but it does take me away from my studio and my own work. Its a balance that is hard to achieve but at the moment the need to earn a guaranteed income is more important than ever. I am still producing my own work & I continue to offer limited wholesale whilst supplying my various stockists and running my own online shop. The main difference for 2022 is that these things will all just be a bit slower! 


Lockdowns have brought with them positive things too; the freedom and opportunity to explore ideas & experiment with process against no deadline or need for a final product has been empowering & my work is changing because of feels good & I am keen to use my precious studio time to further explore some new ideas. I read somewhere recently the advice from a master potter to their student that went along the lines of 'make pots, then decide which ones to exhibit or sell' this really spoke to me at this time & its an approach I am keen to explore. (Apologies for not crediting the potter, if you know who it was please let me know!) 


I made the conscious decision during 2021 to take a year off from Fairs/Shows in 2022 & I consequently watched the deadlines for application flutter by whilst feeling a bit apprehensive about my decision! I will be using the time and energy required for these events for more teaching, development of my own work, lots of family time and fun with friends in my 50th birthday year!  


I have set 2 dates for 'Stock Drops' to my online shop, this makes everything more manageable, less time consuming, and I am hoping will make for a better experience for all of you!

The dates are 1st May & 1st November, the shop will remain open for 6 weeks following each of these dates but will be closed at all other times. Shop at:


*****UPDATE***** (as of 25/04/22) 1st 'STOCK DROP' for 2022 REVISED DATE! Now will go live on 30/06/22.

All other information regarding Stock Drops remains as above.

I will be adding a sign-up to my newsletter option soon. Please do sign up with the knowledge that I will not bombard you with endless e-mails but it will give you early access to Stock Updates etc. If you feel the need to you can also follow me on instagram: abigail.leachceramics were I post sporadically, sometimes lots and then deafening silence for ages! 


(A little story....)

About 300 years ago I graduated with a BA(Hons) in 3D Design, Wood, Metal, Ceramics & Glass from Manchester Metropolitan University (specialising in Ceramics and Wood). After university, Ceramics became my main field of practice & I made stuff for a bit whilst working as an Art   Technician. Then I decided to complete a PGCE (about 297 years ago) and taught Art & Design at secondary schools for 15 years, during this time my own artistic practice took a back seat (and I had some babies too!). In 2013 I made the bold decision to concentrate on my own work in ceramics and move away from mainstream teaching, then in 2015, Abigail Leach Ceramics was born. Currently I have a teeny tiny studio at home in Wiltshire and teach regular weekly Ceramics classes to Adults at New Brewery Arts in Cirencester.   

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I use an Earthenware Terracotta clay to handbuild a range of Domestic ware, adding bespoke slips for colour and decoration. Some work is fully glazed to make the coloured slips pop, or partly glazed with a transparent glaze to leave some raw matt areas of terracotta to contrast against areas of glossy colour. I predominantly build using slabs and specially constructed moulds and formers. It can be slow and sometimes labour intensive but I enjoy the challenge of forming and shaping the clay. I am particularly interested in texture, colour, form and function. My work explores the theme of

traditional domestic ware, and I produce small batches of ware

that share similar characteristics and a range of one-off Teapots, all work is individually hand-built and decorated, so no two pieces are exactly alike.

intend that my ceramics should be used everyday and fit for purpose & would like to think my work could invoke a smile, it has a sense of humour and playfulness and is meant to delight!.

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Classes and Workshops

All at New Brewery Arts, Cirencester (

Ceramics For All 

Wednesdays 10am-1pm


Wednesdays 1.30pm-4.30pm

Fancy having a go at making with clay as a complete novice or refreshing existing (or long forgotten) skills?

This 10 week course will develop skills in hand building, slab building, modelling & coiling. It also covers a wide range of surface decoration techniques including Slip & Underglaze application, sgraffito and surface resist plus basic glazing techniques.

Ceramics For All (Thursday)

Thursdays 10am-1pm
Thursdays 1.30-4.30pm



Work at your own pace in small class sizes to ensure you get individual support from the tutor and begin, rekindle or further explore a love of making in clay! Learn basic hand-building techniques including coiling, slab building and modelling and explore surface decoration & glazing in order to create something individual & amazing!10 week course open to all abilities.

Ceramics For All

Fridays 10am-1pm
Fridays 1.30pm-4.30pm 

Guess what?....just like Wednesday or Thursday but on a Friday! 10 week course communing with clay!

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Where to see & buy my work.........

  • Buy directly from me NEW FOR '22! There will be 'stock drops' to my online shop twice this year! 1st May & 1st November. The shop will remain open for 6 weeks after each of these dates (so get the date in your diary) but will be closed at all other times. ******UPDATE****** Please see info. under 'All about 2022'. Shop at

  • Studio visits always welcome but please do contact me first using form below (so that I can tidy up!).

  • Current Stockists:

  • POTTERS, Bristol.

  • New Brewery Arts, Cirencester.

  • SEED, Frome.

  • Baxters, Dartmouth.                        

  • The Ropewalk, Barton-upon-Humber.

  • Gems, Clevedon. 

  • Shows/Fairs/Exhibitions for 2022 I have decided not to apply for any shows/fairs or exhibitions this year, please see notice about this further up in this website.

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